Indian Fashion Clothing

The Diversity Of Indian Clothing

India has massive deposit of tradition and culture but so long as Indian clothing is concerned, a certain adaptability and flexibility are noticeable for sure. Despite the fact that this is being worn by distinct regions or social classes of the country, there are various pieces of such clothing that has received popularity and even national acceptance. This is actually what's happening in some clothing style like kameez, salwar which is basically a combination of long shirt and loose pants, which is frequently mistaken by a Muslim dress by the Westerners.


The Indian clothing style for male and female are different at this homepage. While it is true that such clothing is highly respected in most rural areas of the country, it's grown loose in more urbanized regions as time pass by. As a result, young girls even in their early years in adolescent are wearing choli and langa or a short blouse and a long skirt on the bottom. Women are usually wearing saris however, those who are in their teenage years are wearing half saris.


The sari might be the most known piece of Indian clothing amongst women. It usually consists of a wide strap of clothing with several yards long and is wrapped around the body very carefully. The sari reflects with the social status, the preferences and region of the wearer. Cotton or silk is the primary materials used when creating saris; they are then dyed in vivid colors and also adorned with lots of rich decorations. When it comes to the art of draping and pinning sari, it has been actually an open secret amongst Indian women. The variations were also created out of the goal of having more comfortable living as well.


Men are typically wearing kurta and dhoti in the central and western parts of India. Actually, sherwani is a type of Indian clothing that is used specifically for special occasion. In Northern India and Punjab, the kameez and salwar is used as unisex clothing. Most of the time, these are produced from plain white cotton and is also complemented with dark waistcoat for male dress. Furthermore, the lungi is another type of Indian clothing that should never be forgotten. This is basically a type of garment wrapped and is usually worn indoors in several parts of the country.


As a matter of fact, Indian clothing from is widely known for its elegance, grace and comfort, which makes it so popular across different parts of the globe. The tradition and fashion perfectly blends in Indian fashion; there is much more unisex wardrobe rather than exclusive line of clothing for a specific gender.