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The Continuing Evolution of Indian Fashion

The fashion industry in India has come a long way over the past few years. Clothing has become a more important aspect of grooming among Indians. This is inevitably linked to these people's higher incomes even creating a stronger demand for designer clothing today.


In decades past, branded clothing could only be afforded by the elite, but costs have recently decreased along with an increase in availability at dulhanwear. Indeed, the market that supports this type o clothes has been unfailingly growing. It's obvious that more and more people in the country now opt to wear branded clothing. A lot of apparel brands, both national and global, have found success with the Indian masses. But what exactly are the factors involved in this evolution of Indian clothing?


Surely, there's a lot, but we can get started with what is the most obvious to all of us - the malls. It's undeniable that with the ever increasing popularity of malls, a whole new culture has sprung up. After all, these huge buildings are a one-stop shop for an entire array of clothing brands. India now has a long list of malls which are incredibly popular, especially with teenagers and yuppies. Here, people are given the opportunity to have an international shopping experience. Local family stores are very popular as well, and are now emerging as the shopping hub for most Indians. In these shops are a complete line of clothing or apparel for every member of the family.


Boutiques are another factor that has helped drive the evolution of Indian clothing. A boutique is a small store selling more unique products made by a certain designer. Indian designers usually showcase and sell their creations in boutiques. These shops may be operated online, offline or both. Either way, they are in demand among shoppers.


Fashion shows and beauty pageants are also very influential to the Indian fashion evolution. Most designers show off their creations by having male and female models don them in fashion shows. In fact, India has been getting a lot of exposure within the last two decades through various fashion affairs. It was particularly in the nineties when its fashion industry started to boom. And with beautiful Indian women like Sushmmita Sen and Aishwarya Rai reigning in international beauty contests, the more the industry got a boost.


Definitely, fashion institutes have also been influential. A lot of them have been emerged recently, showing that India now thinks of fashion a serious business. Thousands of designers complete courses in these institutes each year. The Indian fashion industry at has actually never been busier than it is today. There is no doubt that it has come to par with international standards.